The Best Graduation Gifts to Stock a New Kitchen


The Best Graduation Gifts to Stock a New Kitchen

Many recent college grads will soon be moving into their first apartments—but unlike newlyweds, they don’t get a registry to stock their kitchens with everything they need. Instead, when it comes to kitchenware, most freshly minted graduates are starting their next chapter from square zero. Perhaps we’re biased, but we’d argue that the best graduation gift is some basic kitchen equipment. Skip the gift card, sentimental photo book, or lifetime membership to the school’s alumni association, and go for one of these practical college graduation gifts.

Whether the graduate of honor loves to cook or is just getting started in the kitchen, these essential tools will set them up for success. All of the items on this list—including starter spice kits, tool sets, and a few big-ticket appliances—are heartily endorsed by the recent grads and experienced gifters on the BA staff. But not every great gift has to be functional—we’ve also included a few fun kitchen accessories to make their new space feel like home.

Spicewalla 10 Pack Kitchen Essentials Spices

Help the new grad build a solid culinary foundation with this 10-pack of essential spices from Spicewalla. It has all the basics like pepper, garlic powder, and cumin. Or upgrade to the 18-pack, which also includes ancho chili powder, ground turmeric, and more.

Trade 6-Bag Coffee Subscription

As the new grad enters the workforce, a coffee subscription is guaranteed to make their life easier. We love this six-month gift subscription from Trade, which delivers a new bag of coffee sourced from indie roasters across the US directly to their door each month. They may be spoiled on good coffee for life, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing: They can always extend their membership. VP of video June Kim attests, “I’ve gotten 54 bags of coffee delivered to our home, and truly, I’ve never received a bag of coffee I didn’t enjoy.”

MAC Professional Series 3-Piece Knife Set

Every cook needs good knives, and this three-piece set from BA-favorite cutlery brand MAC covers the bases. The paring knife, bread knife, and chef’s knife are all made from durable alloy steel that’ll hold up for years. The chef’s knife in particular is a favorite of food director Chris Morocco due to its durability and design (it has dimples that allow the knife to more easily slide through tough potatoes or squash), but all three are staples for any kitchen.